how can you care for yourself today?

Season #1 Episode #1

have you ever been awakened by a whisper from your soul?  a message to yourself?  on today’s episode, we hear from my guest, @Teresamarie.338, who woke up with a profound message.  the message was in the form of a “Heart Question” (click the link below for more on “heart questions” referenced in Day 5 of the R.I.S.E Journal Challenge), “how can you care for yourself today?” Teresa shares with the Soul Family that self-care, caring for yourself (mind, body, and soul), is an integral part of your self-love journey.  listen in on Teresa and I as we connect.

**Please note:  during the taping of the Hello Beautiful Souls Podcast, I sometimes respond to comments that might not fully transfer in interpretation when listening to the audio-only podcast. The video experience on YouTube is where the full context can be most easily understood.


may you take the beauty we’ve cultivated in this moment with you and be your latest and greatest version.



today’s guest 

Teresa Marie (6:23)



Tables with Turn (0:59)

In My Truth (15:00)

Love & Liberation (20:01)

*all songs are asoulcalledjoel originals, to be release in early 2022 

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