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A soft space for grounding, healing, and transformation.


How's your heart? 

This mindfulness community is designed to help you reconnect to your heart, gain greater self-awareness, improve mental health and well-being, and find peace and clarity. With an emphasis on meditation and deep inquiry, this community offers a supportive, nurturing environment to those seeking to find balance and fulfillment.

Daily Meditations

Every morning asoulcalledjoel guides you on a journey of self-discovery. Joel's voice, accompanied by the soothing tones of his guitar, provide a calming space to reconnect to your inner wisdom and highest values. New meditations are live-streamed daily at 7:30 am cst via Zoom. 

*Don't worry if you miss any of the live streams. All live sessions will be added to a  resource library called "Tools For the Soul," which is also included in your membership. 

There are currently over 350 meditations that support all facets of your inner journey.

Monthly Workshops

Monthly workshops provide a space to explore techniques that encourage self-discovery. Insightful training, guided journaling sessions, and group discussions are used to help support participants in gaining a better understanding of their personal motivations and desires. After attending, participants will feel more connected to themselves, be better equipped to make decisions, and have a greater capacity for personal growth.

Past Topics Include:

  • Finding Your Truth
  • Micro-Meditations
  • Processing Anger
  • Forgiveness & Growth
  • Journaling - Collective Wisdom
  • Authentic Power - Aligning With The Soul
  • Non-Violent Communication

Sunday Sound Baths

Every Sunday, asoulcalledjoel creates a 30-minute sound bath with an ethereal acoustic guitar. It is a soothing, immersive experience that transports you to a place of serenity. The sound waves have a calming effect on the nervous system, helping to reduce stress and promote relaxation.


This private social platform is a soft and nurturing space for beautiful souls to come together. Through the practice of mindfulness and compassionate care, members of this community learn to deepen their connections with themselves and others, enabling them to heal, strengthen their emotional resilience and well-being..

Tools for the Soul

This is our resource library designed to help you expand, deepen your self-awareness, and create a more consciously vibrant life. It includes a variety of meditations, workshops, and sound baths, available to you at any time to help you on your journey of self-actualization.

*All future meditations, workshops, and sound baths will be added to this library.


Wendi C.

As a long time meditator and meditation teacher, I was looking to inspire my practice, so I recently joined The Beautiful Souls community. With reverence and respect, the daily meditations are guided with thoughtful themes and held so beautifully with joel's guitar and his heart. Gratitude, love, light and truth are illuminated in this special community that is kind, supportive, sweet and tender. I'm grateful to be here.

Krishna E. 

Since I have found joel I can cope with my life and past a lot better. He is probably the only person who has helped me this much to heal.

Stephanie A.

Daily morning meditations with the Beautiful Souls community are truly the highlight of my day. I see it as a necessary tuning for my heart. I am both a professional musician and music teacher. My music is richer and my teaching is deeper when I allow myself to show up for the morning meditations. Joel is a legit artist whose music amplifies the beauty and sound of his soul. The human that he is and the humans he attracts through the Beautiful Souls online community are some of the kindest, wisest, and most resonant souls I’ve yet met. I feel lucky and blessed to be here!

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  • Meditations Every Week
  • Soundbaths Every Week
  • Monthly Workshops
  • Mindful Online Community
  • Tools For The Soul Resource Library

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