Find Your Chill

Your 10-day guide to a calmer, happier, and more fulfilling you.

Discover calm, happiness, inspiration, love, and liberation through mindfulness meditation. 


Feeling overwhelmed?

This is the perfect opportunity to slow down and find your inner peace.


  • Calm
    • Day 1 - Settling Into Your Body (Focuses on Relaxation and Present Moment Body Awareness)
    • Day 2 - Mindfulness of Breath (Anchors attention to the breath for balance and inner calm)
  • Happiness
    • Day 3 - Savor the Good (Focusing on positive experiences to enhance happiness)
    • Day 4 - Shining Your Light (Visualizing your inner light and warmth to radiate happiness within.)
  • Inspiration
    • Day 5 - Tuning In (Focus on your heart's inner wisdom and longing)
    • Day 6 - Creating Without Fear (Visualizing your life without fear based projections)
  • Love
    • Day 7 - Filling Your Cup (Self Love and Compassion Practice)
    • Day 8 - Loving-Compassion for All Beings (Expanding the Heart by Sending Loving Compassion to All Beings)
  • Liberation
    • Day 9 - Letting Go (Releasing your attachment to narratives that no longer serve you)
    • Day 10 - Your Highest Frequency (Setting Intentions for Living a Liberated Life)

What you'll get:

  • 10 guided meditation practices to help you discover calm, happiness, inspiration, love, and liberation.
  • Lifetime access to the meditations

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I look forward to meditating with you, beautiful soul.

Much love and light,


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