Gift "Find Your Chill" to a Friend!

Give the gift of calm, happiness, and self-discovery with the "Find Your Chill" program! This 10-day guided meditation course, will help your friend cultivate inner peace and unlock their full potential.


Feeling overwhelmed?

This is the perfect opportunity to slow down and find your inner peace.


  • Calm
    • Day 1 - Settling Into Your Body (Focuses on Relaxation and Present Moment Body Awareness)
    • Day 2 - Mindfulness of Breath (Anchors attention to the breath for balance and inner calm)
  • Happiness
    • Day 3 - Savor the Good (Focusing on positive experiences to enhance happiness)
    • Day 4 - Shining Your Light (Visualizing your inner light and warmth to radiate happiness within.)
  • Inspiration
    • Day 5 - Tuning In (Focus on your heart's inner wisdom and longing)
    • Day 6 - Creating Without Fear (Visualizing your life without fear based projections)
  • Love
    • Day 7 - Filling Your Cup (Self Love and Compassion Practice)
    • Day 8 - Loving-Compassion for All Beings (Expanding the Heart by Sending Loving Compassion to All Beings)
  • Liberation
    • Day 9 - Letting Go (Releasing your attachment to narratives that no longer serve you)
    • Day 10 - Your Highest Frequency (Setting Intentions for Living a Liberated Life)

What you'll get:

  • Coupon code for your friend to sign up via email (comes with instructions).

What your friend will get: 

  • 10 guided meditation practices to help you discover calm, happiness, inspiration, love, and liberation.
  • Lifetime access to the meditations

I look forward to meditating with you, beautiful soul.

Much love and light,


*Please note that all sales are final - no refunds* 

$30.00 USD

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